While you are away at work, you may be rest assured that your child will be in the good hands of our dedicated professionals. Apart from benefiting from our well-rounded and comprehensive Kinderland preschool programme, our teachers will also guide him through the daily routines of meals and baths with the aim of developing his confidence and independence.

  • Nursery 1 Programme (2 yrs – 3 yrs )

    The D’garden Child Care programme provides a comprehensive preschool curriculum, in addition to providing children with essential custodial care in their daily living. With a full or half day programme, children at this age will have greater access and more opportunities to a specially-designed, integrated and holistic approach to learning. This is crucial during their developmental stage. They will also benefit from a more complete and comprehensive programme that is available due to longer connection with our qualified caregivers.

    Our programmes are specially designed to provide individual, responsive care and affection for every child to allow them to explore their own bodily capabilities.

    Sensory-motor Development

    Wide range of interesting activities held in a safe environment helps the infants to properly develop their gross and fine motor skills.

    Language and Cognitive Growth

    Cognition is the ability to think, learn and remember. Your newborn’s brain is rapidly making sense of the world through each interaction with our sensitive care-givers. Through listening and absorbing the basic and distinct sounds of language, he/she is forming the foundation for speech.

    Social and Emotional Connection

    How we respond to an infant is critical to his/her development, both socially and emotionally. Through responsive and interactive communication, infants will learn about various moods, gestures and emotions as his/her personality develops.

    Creative Stimulation through Senses

    The 5 senses are engaged in a specially designed environment that utilizes colours, play tools, textures and sounds. Discovering cause-and- effect through play, your child will also build up a sense of creativity, inquisitiveness and exploration.



    Sam & Leanne has been with D’Garden since they were toddlers. Having been very happy here, we won’t hesitate to recommend D’Garden to our friends. We now are reaping the rewards of watching them excel academically and socially. Not only is the curriculum fantastic, but they have wonderfully qualified, attentive & committed teachers watching over her.

    Since the class count is low, we know that they are getting any one-on-one attention they may need with new or hard to grasp material. In addition, we know that if they are comfortable and proficient with a concept, their teachers are finding creative ways to make their learning and practicing challenging.

    While we are finding Sam & Leanne are benefiting from the class academically, they are also growing socially as well. They are being taught the values, ideals and morals.

    Overall, we are very pleased with our choice for our daughter’s education. We know beyond a doubt that they will excel in primary school and will take with them wonderful values that they had learned at D’Garden

    Jessie Lim, Mother of Yap Herley


    We are a licensed establishment specializing in early childhood education and enrichment programs for children age 2-12 years old.

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