Our comprehensive food menu is designed to help pave the way for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Our food menu is heart warmed recipes from nutritionist specially designed and customized for the everyday needs of children at our day care. The colours, nutrition, minerals, protein, the list can go on ….
but we never miss out these ingredients, TLC, i.e. the Tender Loving and Care of a mom in our recipe!

The meal plan includes the following goals:


  • Variety of healthy food choices
  • Encourage children to try new foods
  • Freshly prepared
  • Limited added sugar and sodium
  • No MSG added


  • Water is always available for children at any time
  • Herbal drinks few times a week



I’m mother of Yap Heyley from Class Cheerful DIno 3. I am writing this letter as an appreciation to all teachers who were supportive and helpful. They were taking care my girl so well and everything was so well organized.

Allow me for my long-winded expression, i feel very thankful that i make the right choice to send my girl to your centre. I sincerely aplogize to those teachers, who need to handle my girl mood swing when she went to your centre sometimes. Anyhow, i really impress that your teacher never fails to return me a cheerful girl after the day. I realize she change a lot, besides showing her interest in singing and dancing, i notice she adapted few languages which really surprise me as we only communicated in one language at home. It was amazing when my child share with me what she had learned in your Centre everyday.

I’m sure all the credit  goes to the teachers who work so hard to raise my girl. As a mother, I felt heartened with the sharing reponsibility from your excellent team. I am taking this opportunity to thank your team and apologize for not being coorperated sometimes due to my preoccupied with my job.

Thank you for hiring such experienced teacher and provides such a positive experienced for my girl in her early childhood.

Jessie Lim, Mother of Yap Herley


We are a licensed establishment specializing in early childhood education and enrichment programs for children age 2-12 years old.

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